My name is Sarah and I am fully prepared to bring out my inner nerd because who said comics aren’t “cool”? Not me! And who are you to say anyways hummm? So if you are interested then read away my friends and realize that to every story there is far more that meets the eye on every page!

Throughout reading this blog you will come to discover some of the social controversies discussed in Frank Millers Batman: The Dark Knight Returns as well as political theories and american ideologies.

  1. The Dark Knight – Shows us a comparison between Frank Miller’s Batman and Christopher Nolan’s Batman, as well as a compare and contrast of their graphic decisions.
  2. A Woman? – Gives us a look at sexual controversies such as Frank Miller’s decision to make Robin a woman.
  3. I’m Born Again– A look at the fight against stereotyping, mainly ageism within Frank Miller’s comic
  4. Introduce a Little Anarchy– Some theory’s around capitalism and political aspects of Batman within Nolan’s trilogy and Frank Millers Comic
  5. Be Batman– How you can be Batman thanks to mass production, media and propaganda and the consumer society American’s live in.
  6. Cinematic FaithAn interview with director Christopher Nolan, touching on previously mentioned topics
  7. The Mark of ZorroA re-blog that examines early superhero’s which I then related to the creation of Batman
  8. Social Media– Another re-blog about viral media cosplay for the hardcore fans and how mass media propaganda can lead to out of control situations
  9. And. Here. We. Go! – takes you on a trip to some of the other students in my class who have done critical analysis of very interesting american literature.

Ps. Feel free to leave me a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, comments, remarks, speculations, concerns, reviews, observations, two-cents?… oh man one too many classes with Joel Beatz!

Typical night… Frank Miller, Batman (&friends) and I having some tea with the Bruins. That’s right, I am a Boston fan, deal with it!

The one and only Toronto Batman and I.

The one and only Toronto Batman and I.


16 thoughts on “Biography-ish

  1. Ahaha! says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product :p

  2. doctorsara says:

    Good start, great enthusiasm! Also, the subtitle has potential, but I think it needs editing? what do you think. There’s my two-cents, as requested.

    • Sarah Petrie says:

      I can work on editing the subtitle… I have a few changes I would still like to make in time, that is no problem. Hopefully you get the time to look at the other posts eventually as well, thanks for the input!

  3. Love your Blog Sarah. Really cool angle your taking with batman! I hope to read more from ya! Hopefully one day we could have a collaboration!

    • Sarah Petrie says:

      Thanks! Well I’ve always been interested in doing something like this I’ve just never had the time and I’m glad school pushed me to do this. I had a lot of fun regardless of the fact that it was homework. I will for sure be keeping up with this in my spare time and a collaboration sounds like fun!

      • Please do. I have seen so many awesome blogs disappear after a short period of time. I hope see more interesting post by you. I try to review comics movies and other art media on my blog so if you ever want to review something and post it with me we could always include links to your page to increase views! Either way good luck to you in school and in blogging.

  4. Nadene says:

    Nice work Sarah!

  5. I Like… no i don’t like…….I love:) …good work sarah even if Superman is my hero…Batman also..i take it 🙂

    • Sarah Petrie says:

      Why thank you very much! Superman is great too! They all are… once I’m done school my goal is to be more inclusive and write about a variety of superhero’s 🙂

      • If you want… As i manage a radio , as listeners come from around the world to read on my website ( or blog ) about hollywood’s star or sometimes about “nothing” “everything”

        You could write “specially” for my blog some articles about the heros, you want???

        My blog is connected to a plateform and linked to pinterest, facebook, twitter, Tumbler, google+, Linkedin, reddit and also 4 or 5 other social network website…
        I could “share” your articles on those pages read by thousands (and dozens thousands) of people…In case you would like? do not hesitate ( on the website : email addresses, or facebook addresses) and we will talk about…It would be an honour to have and to diffuse your articles 🙂



      • Sarah Petrie says:

        Oh how interesting, thank you! I also have a blog regarding the “hate” for country music. I don’t know what kind of station you host, but it could be intersting for you. Especially the Country/Rock one.

      • ooops 🙂

        it’s oldies (pop from supertramp, to the carpenters,to abba, to elton john, bee gees etc…) +

        ………… music ( but the melodies of old country music…not the rock): from merle haggard etc.. ( bonanza, rawhide…)… right now..there is country ( from 10h00 pm to midnight CET /paris time)

        What you won’t find: it’s electo music / rap and similar..where people shouting…and not singing 🙂

  6. You have a nice phrasing of voice. It is refreshing, and it’s a wonderful thing you will be teaching so people learn to be able to voice themselves respectfully, yet with color and taste.

  7. Johnd2 says:

    Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors! acfbbgdfgfeb

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